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Carers Support Day

Carers Support Day

On Thursday 14th February- with the generosity of ANZAPP we were able to fund a Carers Support Day, the day was facilitated by Tania form Carers Australia and Katie, Bowel Cancer Support Nurse. The day covered 2 topics including Carers Get Angry too and Looking after Yourself. The first session allowed carers to express the anger they were feeling towards the role of carer of their family member in a supportive environment and offered strategies and support of how to handle this going forward. We were provided with a scrumptious lunch which allowed networking with others whom are going through similar situations and offer support. The day concluded with how to care for yourself and the importance of selfcare and taking time out. Feedback from participants was positive- “great day, Katie did a great job!” “it was nice to get something off my chest” “I have been struggling so long, its nice to know there are people going through similar things to me.” Going forward we would plan to meet for a coffee at local coffee shop and ideally the group may form a support network. It is with the very generous support of ANZAPP that we were able to provide this session for Bowel Cancer Carers. Many thanks Katie Emanuelli GV Health


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