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Eid Milan Party/ Eid  Festival; Members with Families Get-Together

This event is celebrated every year and is based on our Eid Cellbratoins and cultural values. Following an early morning rise and offering dedicated communal prayers with our community members, all ladies, gentlemen and their kids get dressed in their traditional Pakistani dresses and proceed towards the Eid venue.  

The whole colourful event gets conducted in a big community hall whereby our members and their families enjoy an informal fellowship amongst themselves by discussing every day life and work matters, personal gossip and a variety of exotic and  traditional  meals. 

Children particularly love this gathering as they get an opportunity to play with lots of other kids and eagerly wait to receive their Eid gifts. There are various other kids activities conducted in the same gathering to keep kids healthily  enjoying the whole afternoon

Annual Barbecue (BBQ) event

ANZAPP  appreciates the  Daylight savings as well realises the importance of losing that extra important hour in April of every year.

In order to encourage our members to keep making use of their day in a healthy way for the winter months, ANZAPP organised a mega BBQ event in the month of March this year. 

Members and their families greatly not only enjoyed each others' company at this  event but also participated in cooking lavishly prepared and marinated BBQ meat in Pakistani style. 

The Kids simply loved this outdoor activity where they had an opportunity to get engaged in professionally done face painting , jumping castles, rides and similar other activities

ANZAPP Annual General Meeting ( AGM)

This so called AGM and long awaited event every year that all members and families eagerly wait for is not just simply a members meeting but is an Extravaganza wherein eminent Pakistani physicians from different specialities and cities /towns from all over Australia and Newzealand join each other to appreciate each others efforts and service to Australian and New Zealand  communities

This year's AGM took place  on 5th November , 2017 at Box Hill community Hall where a great ambience was observed by all attendees in terms of Pakistani Folk songs echoing in the surroundings and an extra ordinary hall decoration with friendship promoting eating arrangement around round tables.

The session typically began by attendees registering themselves at special desks followed by a meet and greet session whereby members and their families had a great chance to meet with lots of other newly arriving physicians and families to Australia and New Zealand.

It followed  Pakistani, Australian and New Zealand National Anthems and a decent serve of the aromatic and appealing appetisers on the tables 

The outgoing Executive Members of ANZAPP were commended for their great efforts for the year and  newly inducted Executive members were formally introduced on stage where they took the ANZAPP oath to serve our communities with the best of our abilities.

ANZAPP President Dr Majid Gondal whole heartedly welcomed the newly incoming dynamic President Dr Naveed Mughal and his new team and handed the charge of ANZAPP to him in a loud clapping of the Hall Audience.

The event took its course by various speeches by ANZAPP members and audiovisual demonstration of the ANZAPP members serving the local communities in Australia and New New Zealand as well their great contributions in sponsoring certain poor communities needing health facilities and a school project for unprivileged children.

The Audience highly appreciated and admired the efforts of ANZAPP members and their motto of ""Service above Self"" wherebv the respective members have been taking time out of their busy schedules and voluntarily dedicating their time, effort and money for the good of our communities without expecting anything in return.

There was also a delightful and mesmirizing  singing and dancing performance by small kids to highlight the importance of good health.

One of the favourites was Q & A sessions immersed between different presentations. The program hosts kept the audience engaged  by asking different questions on their general knowledge on Pakistan and its cultural and traditional aspects and gave the audience gifts as token of appreciation for their participation

We also had the honour of having God Father of GPs "Prof Dr. John Murtagh " on this auspicious occasion. Prof Murtagh also delivered his meaningful speech and appreciated the tremendous efforts put by the Pakistani Doctors and their families in Australasia region.