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Australia and New Zealand Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent Victoria (ANZAPP-Vic)

ANZAPP-Vic is a not-for-profit, voluntary, non-political and non-religious organization. It represents medical /dental graduates and medical/dental students of Pakistani descent in Victoria.

Its objectives are to provide a forum for professional and personal development through ongoing medical education and research; and for exchange of medical knowledge amongst its members, as well as between other healthcare organizations. It provides a platform to its members for exchange of views and implementation of ideas for further improvement of the Association and the larger community. ANZAPP utilize the resources of the Association in promoting cultural harmony and social integration of Pakistani physicians and their families within Australia.

ANZAPP members provide mentor-ship to young Pakistani medical/dental graduates or students in pursuit of advanced training, skills and career development in Australia.

ANZAPP plays a vital role in creating awareness in our younger generation by organising social events. It also participates in all levels of philanthropic, charitable and voluntary works aimed at improving social, mental and physical wellbeing and strengthening sociocultural bonds amongst The people of Pakistan, Australia and mankind.

ANZAPP’s main objectives are:

  • Medical Relief and Charity
  • Education and Research
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
  • Networking
  • Mentorship and Training

A detailed description of our objectives and goals:

Professional development

To provide a forum for professional development, through ongoing medical education and research in medical field.

Better community health

To deal with health issues affecting the community, foster delivery of better health care, without regard to race, color, creed, gender or age

Exchange of ideas

To provide a portal for the exchange of ideas and views to its members for the betterment of organization and the community. By arranging lecture tours, medical conferences and seminars

Social events

To arrange social events in the community to improve awareness in younger generation regarding their health issues

Cultural harmony

Promote and utilizes its resources to enhance social cooperation with other organizations in Australia


For young Pakistani doctors in pursuit of their fellowships and jobs, work with associations to serve their needs in advancement of medical science

Knowledge exchange

To facilitate exchange of medical knowledge among members and participate in medical relief, other charitable activities in Australasia and Pakistan

Medical donations

To impart medical education and ensure delivery of better health care, by arranging donations of medical supplies in Pakistan and Australasia